Buttock augmentation is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures but it must be performed by a skilled and board-certified plastic surgeon. Also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift, this procedure involves transferring fatty tissue from another part of the body into the gluteal area. Since there is no implant involved, the body assimilates the fat cells easily and we can create a beautifully sculpted, rounder, and curvier butt. Patients who are self-conscious about having a ‘flat butt’ or those who wish to achieve a curvier hourglass figure enjoy the results achieved with the fat transfer buttok augmentation procedure.



This is a two-phase surgical procedure that begins with liposuctionDr. Roger Tsai will determine where the fat cells should be harvested from, but this typically involves liposuction of the thighs, abdomen, back or flanks. This can be an extra benefit for those who want to slim down in these areas while adding more volume to the buttock area.

Patients need to have a certain amount of body fat available for harvesting as many fat cells die during the augmentation procedure. Dr. Tsai will need to reinject more fat than the final result will show to create the right amount of volume in the gluteal area. When performed correctly, most of the fat will remain in the injected areas and there will be no ripples, dents or ripples. Every procedure is completely personalized for the patient and is a combination of artistic precision and surgical technique.

Dr. Tsai will make sure you are fully aware of what to expect with this procedure and confirm you have reasonable expectations of the outcome.


The fat transfer buttock augmentation is a safe procedure and is performed under general anesthesia. It can take up to 3 hours and patients return home the same day. Patients are advised not to sit or lay down on the gluteus for long periods of time for up to a week after surgery because the tissues need to heal and the fat cells need to assimilate properly.

Most patients are able to walk comfortably and resume regular activities within a few days after treatment but are advised not to sit for long periods of time. Some bruising and swelling is expected in the areas that had liposuction and also around the buttocks. Exercise is not recommended until 6 to 8 weeks post-procedure.

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