Coolsculpting is one of the most effective, non-invasive, treatments to eliminate excessive fatty tissue located almost anywhere on the body.

This new technology, known as “cryolypolysis”, freezes the fatty tissue in the treatment area. Over the course of the next several weeks, your body then breaks down and absorbs the treated fat, creating an improved contour and appearance of the treated area. The advantages are no surgery, no incisions, and no down time! Ideal patients are those who have small to moderate stubborn areas of fatty tissue that just will not go away with diet or exercise. Most common treatment areas include the anterior abdomen, flanks, upper back, upper arms, and thighs.

Patients may notice a significant improvement after one treatment, but some may require a 2nd or 3rd treatment in the same area to achieve their goals.


This is a very safe procedure and takes about an hour for each treatment. We currently have two Coolsculpting machines (Dual Sculpting) and therefore are able to provide treatment to two areas in one sitting! During your consultation, Dr. Tsai will present you with all the possible options in detail and work with you to individualize treatment according to your specific goals and expectations to provide you with the best possible result. Again there is no down time so after treatment, patients are able to immediately return to normal daily activities without any restrictions. There maybe mild bruising to the treated areas but this subsides in several days. Patients are very happy and often state a much-improved contour and look to the treated areas. They often state clothes fit better and the new appearance gives them an improvement in self-image.

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