Brow lift is a procedure that can provide dramatic rejuvenation of the forehead and upper facial region. Over time with natural aging and gravity, the skin and underlying soft tissue support structures looses it youthful “tight” quality, which results in weakened, soft, dropping tissue. In certain cases, this may cause the eyebrow to droop over the upper eyelids, giving a tired look. A flat eyebrow is a sign of aging, while an arched eyebrow is a sign of youth. Often times, patients contract and tighten their muscles in order to elevate the forehead from drooping into their eyelids. This can happen involuntarily, and chronically over time, can create deep wrinkles in the forehead. The goal of a brow lift is to elevate the soft tissue away from the eyelids, strengthen the deep support structures, eliminate the deep wrinkles from the forehead, and remove any excess tissue. Patients comment on the much-improved contour, elimination of the wrinkles, and a rejuvenated look to their face as the deep structures are tightened and the eyebrow has returned to its youthful arched position. Friends of patients often comment that they appear to have more energy and seem livelier. Many patients also state improved self-confidence and image.


Depending on the severity of symptoms and the amount of excess tissue, this procedure can be performed in two main ways. For patients that have more severe symptoms, the traditional technique is performed through an incision in the hairline of the forehead. The soft tissue and skin is released, elevated, and advanced into the hairline. Excess skin is removed, deep tissues are sutured and strengthened, and finally, the incision is closed at the hairline, thus hiding the scar.

For patients with mild to moderate symptoms, the endoscopic technique may be beneficial, in that it is minimally invasive and the procedure is performed with only 5 small 1cm incisions in the hairline. The soft tissue and skin is again released, elevated, and advanced into the hairline, but in this technique, small temporary screws are implanted to support the lift. No excess tissue is excised so there is no further incisions or scarring.

During your consultation, Dr. Tsai will present you with all the possible options in detail and work with you to individualize treatment according to your specific goals and expectations to provide you with the best possible result. If you desire other areas of your face rejuvenation, this procedure is often combined with FaceliftEyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty), or Neck lift (Platysmaplasty). There is also a non-invasive option for Skin treatments performed in the adjacent medical spa or at the same time as surgery.


A brow lift typically takes 2-3 hours to complete. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia (fully asleep) in the adjacent surgicenter. Patients return home the same day as the procedure so transportation will need to be arranged. Your first checkup will be the following day in clinic. Advice is given to sleep at an upright angle in bed for 24-48 hours to decrease swelling and bruising to the face. Bandages are removed several days after the procedure, and patients usually return to normal daily activities within a few days. Pain is tolerated with prescribed oral pain medication. Exercise is resumed approximately 4-6 weeks after the procedure.